Strategic Analysis presentation.

Presentation Format

1. 15-minute presentations (it is important that you stay within this guideline)

2. Using a PowerPoint or any other presentation tool, create a Strategic Analysis presentation for your assigned company. Stay away from creating a PowerPoint slide with numerous words. When presenting, discuss the significance of each slide.

3. Provide a brief background of your company which is to include: the business they are in, mission and vision, major competitors, and their competitive advantage.

Presentation discussion points are to include:

  1. An examination of the SWOT analysis created for your company. Emphasize key findings.
  2. An investigation of the IFE and EFE created for your company. Accentuate the methodology used to determine the weights. Place emphasis on the reasoning given for the ratings that were supplied.
  3. Display the strategies that were formulated and discuss why they were selected. (a minimum of five strategies are to be developed)
  4. Identify the two best strategies from the previous step and discuss the reasoning for selecting these strategies. Identify which is the best strategy to pursue and explain why.
  5. Explain any potential downfalls of the selected strategy and discuss ways that these may be mitigated.

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