Stress and self care

Stress and Self-Care Pender, Murdaugh, and Parsons (2015) explain what is known about stress, including stressors, individuals’ responses to stressors, and approaches to managing external and internal stressors (Chapter 8). They also discuss the concept of self-care, stating that in their roles as caregivers, nurses can teach their patients to care for themselves (Chapter 11). The concepts of stress and self-care apply equally to the well-being of nurses and nursing students. Recognizing that nursing is often aimed at protecting patients from harm, and acknowledging that there is little attention paid to nurses’ or nursing students’ own personal psychological or emotional health (Walker & Mann, 2016), what can nursing students learn from this? How can nursing students develop self care skills for themselves as caregivers? Instructions ● Develop a thesis statement that responds to the questions. ● Use evidence from all four provided sources to support your thesis (three articles and class textbook). ● No additional, outside sources may be used. ● Audience: Write for a reader who may not know about this topic, and who has not read the readings. ● Cite every source in proper APA style format, both inside your paper and on your references page. ● Include a title page and references page. ● The paper should be 5-6 full pages (not counting title page or references page). 

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