successful advertising

A successful advertising campaign takes advantage of all of the “tools in the toolbox,” as you will see in the exercise below.

Asics Onitsuka Tiger tennis shoes were experiencing a renaissance, of sorts. Taking advantage of a consumer trend—increased demand for old-school shoes—Asics hired hip advertising agency Strawberry Frog to market the Onitsuka Tiger retro sneakers to a hip demographic. The challenge was to reach out to the target in a way that did not seem too obvious. The Strawberry Frog Video showcases the wide variety of channels today’s advertising agencies are exploring in order to market a product. In addition, the video provides insights into what makes for a good client/agency relationship.

View the Strawberry Frog videos*  and, in your own words atleast 1000 words, answer the following:

  1. How did Strawberry Frog manage to break through the competitive clutter and create attention for the Onitsuka Tiger brand?

  2. Discuss the agency’s attempts to reach out to influential publics.

  3. What recommendations do the people at Strawberry Frog have for developing and managing a client relationship?

  4. When developing client relationships (like the one between Strawberry Frog and Asics) in a contemporary setting, how do we comfortably acknowledge Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior to those that may not readily appreciate or welcome our faith?

  5. Complete Integrated Learning Exercise #5-29 of the text  and incorporate specific examples from your analysis.

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