successful leadership

Who do you see as having a successful leadership style? Why do you consider him or her a successful leader? What management and leadership theories does this person use? Provide an example of a historical figure or someone you know.
Review the results of my assessment below. How does my leadership style compare to the successful leader you identified? What traits does the successful leader have that I need to develop? What strengths do I have from which your example leader could benefit?
3 peer reviewed references

I choose to take was titled ?Quiz: What’s Your Leadership Style?? The quiz suggested that I am a Diplomatic leader. Diplomats prize interpersonal harmony. They are the social glue and affiliative force that keeps groups together. They?re typically kind, social, and giving, and often have deep personal bonds with their employees. And they?re often known for being able to resolve conflicts peacefully (and avoid them in the first place). Working for Diplomats eerys often more fun and social than working for other leaders (especially the Pragmatists). Diplomats put less emphasis on challenging their employees than they do putting their people in positions to succeed and leverage their strengths. Diplomats work to avoid having people feel uncomfortable or anxious. Traditional measures of employee satisfaction are often very high for Diplomats. For the appropriate people, it?s a great situation. Famous Diplomats include Mohandas Gandhi and Sheryl Sandberg (COO of Facebook).

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