Target Audience for your business you created

Attached you will see the first part of the assignment. My “business” that I came up with and this is the next step of it.

While your business may be happy to have any customer that wants your product/service, your target audience is a specific profile of the ideal customer – their gender, age, income, lifestyle, physical location, political views, anything.

Prepare a 2-4 page analysis and review of the Target Audience for your course-long project.

Through research and other means of collecting data:

  • Describe the profile (demographics, physical, psychological) of the intended consumer of your product/service.
  • Support the importance of your profile to your business/service.
  • As this is a marketing/sales course, your project should be visually appealing with a clear, concise point of view. Excellent spelling and grammar are required.

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