Taxes and you

Remember that your tax and financial planning clients always want to talk to you and want to hear your opinion and thoughts on a variety of matters. None is more contested and volatile than income taxes.

Choose one of the  topics below and write about it.

A) Discuss your political views  when it comes to income taxes based on your political ideology whether  Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Independent, Conservative, Liberal,  Moderate. Write from the standpoint of trying to educate and inform rather than to accuse and ridicule

B) Discuss who would be a better President when it comes to taxes and the economy Joe Biden or Donald Trump ?

C) Discuss if you think income taxes are too high or too low in regards to overall wealth

Your response must have a minimum of 100 words. Spelling, punctuation, grammar and proper sentence structure is a must.  Haphazard answers and responses will not count. Remember that this discussion will be monitored.  You also must come up with your own original analyses and not copy or borrow ideas that have previous been stated.

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