Tech Alert

Tech Alert on Chapters 11 -12 relating to software and the Cloud Computing: Submit your document in Microsoft Word format.Carefully read through the tech alert requirements. Please realize that the notes in the ‘callouts’ on Page 3 of the Homework Handout are REQUIREMENTS, not suggestions. For this week’s assignment, find an article that relates to the content covered in Chapters 11 or 12 in our text. Read the chapters BEFORE you look for articles and choose one of the following approaches:

  • Summarize a recent ‘real-world’ example that illustrates one of the topics presented in these chapters or find a related article that extend the book’s discussion on software of Cloud Computing, and/or;
  • Discuss or provide an example of one of the key terms shown in the book margins from Chapters 11 or 12.
  • Look at the discussion questions at the end of the chapter sections and find an article that helps you answer a question that is posed, or;
  • Follow-up on a specific case study that is presented in the text. If you choose this option, you must focus on new information about the organization that is not included in the text.

Check the uploaded homework requirements attached below!!

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