Technology Wearable Computers Change How We Work

1. Answer the Case Study Questions (found at the end of each case study) in 500-750 words total (not including reference list).

2. Include at least one additional, external reference to sources such as an article or video. Cite the reference(s) in your study.

Your case study will be graded on the following:

Grading: 20 points

Content 80% (how thoroughly and logically you answer the questions, how well you incorporate your reference(s), how well you make arguments and state facts to support your answers).

Spelling/Grammar/Punctuation 20%

Interactive Session: Technology Wearable Computers Change How We Work

It looks like wearable computing is taking off. Smartwatches, smart glasses, smart ID badges, and activity trackers promise to change how we go about each day and the way we do our jobs. According to an April 2015 report surveying 2,400 U.S. CIOs by IT staffing firm Robert Half Technology, 81 percent expect wearable computing devices such as watches and glasses to become common workplace tools.

Doctors and nurses are using smart eyewear for hands-free access to patients’ medical records. Oil rig workers sport smart helmets to connect with land-based experts, who can view their work remotely and communicate instructions. Warehouse managers are able to capture real-time performance data using a smartwatch to better manage distribution and fulfillment operations. Wearable computing devices improve productivity by delivering information to workers without requiring them to interrupt their tasks, which in turn empowers employees to make more informed decisions more quickly.

Although primarily consumer devices, smartwatches are being used for business. The Apple Watch, for example, has a number of features to make employees more productive. It can take phone calls and accept voice commands. It will display an important message, e-mail, or calendar appointment on your wrist. Instead of buzzing loudly and with every e-mail, text message, and calendar alert you receive, the watch uses subtle, discreet vibrations that won’t be a distraction in the middle of a meeting. There are Apple Watch versions of Evernote (note taking), PowerPoint (electronic presentations), and Invoice2go, which will automatically prompt you to start logging your work time as soon as you arrive at a job site, send basic invoices, and receive alerts when they’re paid.

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