the challenges and opportunities that technology has brought to corporate communication.

Assessment task


Your boss is keen to understand the challenges and opportunities that technology has brought to corporate communication. She has asked you to prepare an executive summary giving a brief outline on how to embrace these challenges and opportunities in the workplace.


Please follow these guidelines to complete the assessment:


  1. Read the article by Argenti, P 2006, ‘How Technology Has Influenced the Field of Corporate Communication, Journal of Business and Technical Communication, vol. 20, no. 3, pp. 357 – 370 (located on the Blackboard – Assessment Tasks and Submission).





  1. Engage in research to find two other articles (academic journal, industry journal, website article, or a newspaper article) related to the impact of technology on corporate communication. Use Google Scholar and the SCU library website to do your research.


  1. Print and read all articles and complete the Article Analysis Form (located under Assessment Tasks and Submission) for each of the three articles. Attach each form to the back of your executive summary.


  1. After carefully reading the three articles, draft a two-page Executive Summary (synopsis) using the format of an Executive Summary memo. According to The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Ed, (2000), the word synopsis is defined as “A brief outline . . . a summary”


  1. Identify three headings that relate to the purpose of the memo to form the structure for the body of your work. Support for each heading must come from at least TWO of your THREE sources. Use one quotation in each section from one of your three sources.


  1. You will need to use SCU Harvard style to document your sources within the text and in the Reference List. For further information please see:


  1. Write the two-page Executive Summary (12pt Times New Roman font – single spaced). The Reference List must be on the third (separate) page.


  1. Submit Assessment 1 to Turnitin via the Blackboard site no later than the due date: Friday 11th May 9.00am (QLD time).


  1. Refer to the Marking Criteria Guide and Marking Rubric located in this document.



PRIOS/CDT brief for Assessment 1:


  1. Purpose: To engage in a thorough analysis of three articles and write a two page synopsis.


  1. Reader: Your boss (who is keen to create a positive communication climate).


  1. Information: Three (3) articles.


  1. Organisation: Direct order format.


  1. Style: Formal.


  1. Channel choice: Written document.


  1. Document design: Memo format.


  1. Length: 500 words.

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