The Decision Support Systems and the Army Force Management model


The Department of Defense’s three decision support systems – JCIDS, DAS, and PPBE – synergistically guide the Army Force Management Model to produce a fully trained, equipped, and resourced operational force through a cyclical feedback loop of capability identification, acquisition, and resource allocation.


You will write a no less than 750-word to no greater than 1250-word (not including the cover and reference pages) paper thoroughly discussing two of four focused-areas presented during the specified lesson series.


1. What do we expect? a. Your paper addressed the focused areas. Your paper should focus more than just the facts. How well you demonstrate your knowledge of the facts and your understanding of those facts in a greater context will determine your grade (i.e., how these facts affected a period of history, how the introduction of this organism into the ecosystem effects the environment, how this sequence of events led to the development of …). b. A well-written paper. We will look for specific elements when reading a paper. Refer to the grading rubric for exact details, but these are the building blocks of a good paper and include:


 (1) FOCUSED: Your paper should address all parts of the focused-area without many random ideas that have little or nothing to do with the focused-area. Students often think that adding random facts or ideas will help improve their grade because they know them. The opposite is true – adding random, unrelated ideas or facts usually result in the reduction of points from your grade. 


(2) STRUCTURED: You know what you want to write, but your ability to communicate that knowledge to your instructor depends on how well you structure your paper. Take the time to make a rough outline of what you want to write and in what order you want to present it. Stream of consciousness writing (putting things on paper as you think of them) will result in a mediocre grade at best. 


(3) DOCUMENTED: Contrary to the True/False or Multiple-Choice Question, your paper must go beyond a simple statement of fact. The instructor is looking for the correct content, yes, but more importantly, for your understanding of the content. So, always include relevant facts, figures, examples, and tests (the phosphate test showed a ph. of …), etc. With the writing assignment, how well you document your content will often make the difference between an A and B grade.


 (4) WELL PRESENTED: Students who do not use the accepted rules of English are often thought to be less competent or knowledgeable than those who do. If you have all of the elements of a well-written paper, but your use of language, sentence structure, or spelling make it difficult to read or understand what you are trying to say, your grade will suffer. Make sure you use good sentence structure, grammar, and spelling. These elements will make a good grade better.


 2. Most focused areas contain an action word that you can use to help you organize your response to that area. In general, the following actions words are some that we use: define, compare and contrast, analyze, describe, explain, discuss, give examples, examine, and prepare


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