The Federal Reserve Bank of the United States

The Federal Reserve Bank of the United States plays a major and key role in our banking system, the economy, our standard of living, foreign trade, employment, the value of the US dollar and even the trading of corporate stock.

US Dollar Purchasing Power

But what do we really know about the Federal Reserve (FED)?


Let’s find out something about the Fed. Use the links furnished below to find answers to the following questions. Other sources should be used to provide additional information and earn maximum credit.

1. Who owns the Federal Reserve?

2. How much money is in the US and is it backed by gold?

3. WHat is legal tender? 

4. Why do prices change and why does the Fed aim for a 2% inflation rate?

5. Using other websites, determine the best you can if other people or institutions agree with these definitions.

Assignments 5 Rubric

Assignments 5 Rubric

Criteria Ratings Pts


Were all the questions answered in detail? This criteria is worth 0 to 15 points15 pts

No Marks0 pts

15 pts


Were other sources used to confirm or contradict the fed’s definitions? This criteria is worth 0 to 15 points.15 pts

No Marks0 pts

15 pts


Was the assignment written with correct grammar and spelling and was the APA style used in references? This criteria is worth 1 to 10 points.10 pts

No Marks0 pts

10 pts

Late penalty

No Marks0 pts

The syllabus requires a 50% reduction for late assignments.-1 pts

0 pts

Total Points: 40

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