The Globalization of Hazardous Waste Management – #3


Review the attached case study “Hidden Externalities: The Globalization of Hazardous Waste” concerning the Colbert brothers’ hazardous waste business.


Discuss the Colbert brothers’ business and how they were able to conduct this business operation.


In addition, address the following items:


Assess the historical and current regulatory environment on this case.

Appraise the impact of nonuniform international environmental laws concerning this case.

Assess the ethical standards for the Colbert brothers and if their punishment fit their crime.

Summarize RCRA requirements regarding this hazardous waste case.

State your opinion on how the case was handled.


Please also use the additional attached article “EPA Proposed Changes to RCRA…” in this paper.  Include in-text citations and references for all sources that are used.


Please use additional references as needed. 

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