The history of social psychology and describe the critical role this field of study has played throughout its evolution





The history of social psychology and describe the critical role this field of study has played throughout its evolution

Psychology mostly deals with the learning of people’s brainpower. It started back during the ancient time. Psychotherapy which is the analysis of the brain was done to persons with mental problems by physicians who were Muslims. This took place in hospitals specifically dealing with psychiatric cases, which were there 1000 years ago. Psychology learning started in 1879 with Wilhelm Wundt opening up the initial laboratory in 1879, to be used in mental research. Hermann Ebbinghaus, William James and Ivan Pavlov contributed immensely to the research

Rapidly thereafter a variety of practical psychology came into being. The first example being G.Stanley , coming up with scientific pedagogy in America ,all the way from Germany in the year 1980.Educational theory is another example brought about by John Dewey in the 1890s. Psychology application in manufacturing industries law and other different fields was written by Hugo Munsterberg in the 1890s. A psychological clinic was also started in the same year by Lightner Witmer. The primary plan of mental testing was started by James Mckeen who modified the anthropometric methods of Francis Galton. In the meantime, Sigmund Freud, a psychiatrist came up with an independent way to learn the mind.

In the 20th centuary Wundt’s theory was criticized by Edward Titchener. It lead to the development of behaviorism, formulated by John B and later made popular by B.F.Skinner. It encouraged limiting the study of psychology to an obvious behavior that is measurable. The 20th centaury brought about the reduction of behaviorism and the increase of cognitive idea which was an interdisciplinary way to learning the human being brainpower.

Psychology tends to be very crucial as it deals with studying the mind. It also relates with other aspects of humankind life. Psychology has led to the study of different terminal diseases. Although psychological research has made it easier for the doctors to come up with medicines and do away with the illnesses. It has become easier for the doctors to determine the diseases for example the Parkinson disease and other diseases. Psychology helps people to learn their body and their mind helping them to keep away from situations that lead to stress ‘time management and becoming more efficient in their work or their studies. Psychology helps one to know oneself and makes one optimistic as a writer. It also helps one in knowing the right channel to use when dealing with obstacles and issues in our everyday life.

Ethics seem to be very important in research work which makes it very crucial while undertaking research. This is because it encourages the goals of research work like facts reducing mistakes, and gaining knowledge. It also promotes cooperation and harmonization between diverse people in institutions and various disciplines. It also promotes values such as equality, self-esteem and responsibility. It helps researchers in making them responsible to the community. Lastly research encourages other values that are morally and socially acceptable.

In some cases, researchers have been known to include false facts in their work making the credibility of their work put into question. It has disadvantages because at times misconstrued information in cases of disease related researches has led to many deaths. In cases like these what is needed is to keep the information as correct as possible to avert a situation like that occurring.

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