The History Of USA In Early Nineteen Hundreds

The History Of USA In Early Nineteen Hundreds

Chapter 27

The early nineteen hundreds were a significant time for the United States. The country had grown into its own due to the integration of different settlers. One of the events that took center stage was the civil war and the reconstruction of the south. This took a toll on the country making the citizens focus their energy on other factors. This changed the dynamics in that the country placed less emphasis on politics and more on social changes.

Most individuals invested in the increased technological knowhow, urbanization and industrialization. This was ideal for the growth and sustainability of the country due to the focus on the economy. The country had entered a new phase that encouraged production of goods and services. The country thus increased its rate of production which was reflective of the GDP. Most of these policies were a result of the progressivism movement that encouraged the development of the citizens.

The government had to maintain these ideologies so that the country could reach its expected target. One of the ways the citizens were kept in line was through the legalization of some of the social activities such as buying and selling of alcohol. This form of governance resulted in the improvement of public facilities such as housing, infrastructures and schools. The policies were well received by the country for a considerable amount of time. The country however began to change their opinion of Wilson’s policies due to the change in culture. This may have been one of the factors for the election of Warren Harding in the next general election.

Chapter 31

I945 was a monumental time in the history of the western world. The Second World War had just ended resulting in the creation of two political blocks. The leaders of the two blocks were mainly the United States and the Soviet Union. The two sides could not agree on the political ideologies to adopt. This led to the creation of alliances that determined the success of the blocks. The world was not ready for another war due to the effects it had on the entire globe.

One of the ways that the sides could solve this issue was to come up with another strategy. This led to the introduction of the cold war that saw the fight between the two blocks without the use of arms and ammunition. The United States had formed alliances with countries such as the United Kingdom and France. This left the Soviet Union with few allies due to its collapse. The cold war saw the fight for countries that did not have a side in terms of political allegiance. One of the targets in this case was Africa and different parts of Asia and Europe

America had adopted a democratic system of governance which encourages a multiparty state and an open market. The Soviet Union on the other hand embraced a socialist government which encouraged a unitary state that discouraged an open market. After the end of the cold war, both blocks agreed to settle for international peace and understanding. This led to the formation of further reforms which included the conduct of all the countries. America continues to spread the democratic way of life making it one of the strongest advocates of the voice of the public.

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