The organizational cultural assessment instrument

Read the attached Choi, Seo, Scott, and Martin’s 2010 article, “Validation of the Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument: An Application of the Korean Version,” discusses the procedures used to determine if the Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI) would be an appropriate scale to use within the context of sports management in South Korea. Although OCAI has been used many times in prior research, it had not been used before in this specific context. Hence, researchers could not be sure if it would still be found as valid and reliable. Therefore, both aspects were tested. Discuss your understanding of the results of the validation process described in this article:

  • Did the authors test for content validity? Construct validity? Criterion-related validity?
  • Is the OCAI still reliable in this new context?
  • Is the OCAI as reliable as in earlier reported usage?

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