The target organization is Netgear. he Portfolio Project for this course is a comprehensive written case analysis.

The target organization is Netgear. I would appreciate help with the following:

he Portfolio Project for this course is a comprehensive written case analysis. To complete the comprehensive written analysis, you will apply the strategic management process that is studied in every module within this course. To support the understanding of a comprehensive written analysis, review Part 6, Strategic-Management Case Analysis in the textbook.

You are the vice president of the XYZ Corporation. You have been asked to analyze the organization and make strategic recommendations to your executive team. Your comprehensive written analysis of an approved target organization from the textbook case studies (identified in Week 2) should include the following elements:

  • Current vision, mission, objectives, and strategies
  • Recommendations for improvement of vision and mission
  • Competitive Profile Matrix (CPM)
  • External Factor Evaluation Matrix (EFE)
  • Internal Factor Evaluation Matrix (IFE)
  • A total of three, Stage 2: Matching Stage tool outputs. At least two of the three tools used must be from Chapter 6 of the textbook. There is an option to use one Matching Stage tool not found in the textbook that is a tested, credible instrument.
  • Recommendations for specific strategies and long-term objectives
  • Strategy implementation risks: cultural, operational, systems, financial
  • Projected financial statement with assumptions
  • Recommendation for annual goals and policy according to projections
  • Recommendation for strategy review, evaluation, and improvement process.

Your well-written paper should meet the following requirements:

  • Eight to ten pages in length, plus exhibits
  • Divided into the following sections:Strategy FormulationInput Stage
  • Matching Stage (choose 3)
  • Decision Stage (prioritize to 1)
  • Strategy ImplementationProjections
  • Risks
  • Strategy Evaluation
  • Written as though you are a vice president being asked to analyze the target organization’s internal and external environment to recommend strategies for the future
  • Write in graduate level, clear and concise business language

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