The Texas Governor’s Terms”.

The title for Writing Assignment 3 is:  “Writing Assignment 3:  The Texas Governor’s Terms”.
-These are the critical response questions for Writing Assignment 3:  “Do you think the Texas governor should be limited to serving two four-year terms?  Why or why not?”
-Respond with at least 500 words explaining what you think and three reasons you feel the way you do using the four-paragraph format explained in the class writing assignment directions below.

Writing Assignment Format
-Do not use a title page.
-Set your line spacing to double spacing with no extra points of space either before or after a line.
-Insert a heading in the body (not in the header) of the first page consisting of four double-spaced lines.  On line one type your first name and last name.  On line two type “Professor Michael A. Kelley.”  On line three type “Government 2306.”  On line four type the month, day, and year you prepare your writing assignment.  The first line of your heading should be one inch from the top of the first page and all four lines should be flush with the left margin, one inch from the left side of the page.
-Center the title of the assignment one space (double spacing) below the fourth line of your heading.
-One space (double spacing) below the title and flush with the left margin write verbatim the critical response questions posed for your response.
-One space (double spacing) below the restated assignment questions begin your first paragraph with the first line indented one-half inch from the left margin.
-Paragraphs will have one space (double spacing) between them and will begin with the first sentence indented one-half inch from the left margin.
-Double space all writing.
-Use 12-point, Times New Roman, black font for all writing.
-Insert page numbers on each page, including the first page and, if used, the Works Cited page.  The page numbers will be cardinal numbers that are centered in the footer and will be 12-point Times New Roman font.
-If you are required to use a ‘Works Cited’ page it will be the last page of your writing assignment.  The format for the Works Cited page is the same as for the body of the assignment except that the first line of a cited reference will be flush with the left margin, one inch from the left side of the page, and all subsequent lines in that reference will be indented one-half inch from the left margin, 1 ½ inches from the left side of the page.  Provide one space between reference entries.
-Respond with at least 500 words of analysis to each of the two sets of questions posed for your response.  As such, you must provide at least 500 words of analysis for each class writing assignment.  Only those words stating what you think and why you feel the way you do count towards the number of words for which you will receive credit for the assignment.
-Save and submit your assignment with the document named using your first name, a space, your last name, a space, “Writing Assignment,” a space, then the writing assignment number.  For example, Joe Smith’s first writing assignment would be saved and submitted as “Joe Smith Writing Assignment 1.”
-Save and submit your assignment in either the .docx or the .rtf format.

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