This assignment is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your revising and editing skills in an effort for a higher grade.

Revisit your diagnostic essay (I’ve provided the link from Module 1)  for revising and editing,  Your revised copy should be an improvement of the original, and you should go beyond merely correcting the errors I have marked. You should strive for an increased word count as well as improved vocabulary and grammar.  

This assignment is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your revising and editing skills in an effort for a higher grade.  

Note:   I will compare the original to your revised copy.

Your essay for this module MUST be an improvement from the original written at the beginning of the semester. Receiving a higher grade is not automatic.  You must demonstrate editing and revising skills.


I appreciate your effort in adding the cover letter; however, this is not necessary. Please see the format guidelines for this course.

An experience that taught me a lesson

Anfernee Thomas

June 9, 2019

An experience that taught me a lesson

 This essay will address one of the experiences I have had in the past that taught me a valuable lesson. I will start off by narrating my experience and then towards the conclusion of the narration, I will describe the valuable lesson this experience taught me. That said this exercise progresses as follows. Avoid announcing the purpose of your essay in such a direct manner. Instead…I will never forget the lesson I learned involving trust.

I have passed through several experiences in my life but in this essay I will focus on one of the experiences to illustrate one of the valuable lessons that life experiences have taught me so far. Well, a few years ago, I was in between jobs and as such , I was struggling financially. With several bills coming my way, I realized my savings were running out fast. A distant friend of mine disclosed that he was making some good money trading forex and he promised to help me out set up my account to start earning. He also said he was in a mission to help people achieve financial stability and freedom but little did I know that I would be their target market. After letting him know that I had no experience in the forex market, he assured me that I didn’t have to worry because we will be using robots or expert advisors for trading and that I didn’t need to have experience in the market to profit from it. Since he was showing me results from his trading account, I trusted that he might be presenting the opportunity I have been missing. I however requested him to walk with me throughout this trading journey at least until I had learnt enough and gained enough confidence to take trades on my own.

To automate the trading exercise, he informed me I needed to set up several accounts, one with the broker, another with the server provider, and another with the expert advisor. After setting up these accounts, he also informed me I needed to fund the broker’s account and pay for subscription fee for the server and the expert advisor. I was , however , not able to fund these accounts through my bank account because those systems required using particular payment systems that were disabled on my end. After several attempts, we solved that I send him the cash so that he can fund the accounts on my behalf. He however managed to pay subscription for the first month for the expert advisor and the server but did not fund my broker’s account. He then started using delay tactics until the subscription was over, which meant that I was required to pay subscription fee for the two accounts for the next month. Meanwhile, I was doing my research and trained myself how to fund my broker’s account and how to trade manually. I have six months down the line , he had not refunded the cash with which he was supposed to fund my broker’s account. I gave up requesting for the cash and continued manual trading on my mini account earning small profits.

The valuable lesson I learned from this experience is that trust is situation specific. Even if you have been friends with an individual for some time, they may take advantage of the relationship and try swindling you. In other words, trust but verify.


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