this is a two part discussion question in global human resource management.

This is a two part discussion question that needs a response. The response needs to be a paragraph or more long, in addition there needs to be a response to Gina DiCrescenza response; a paragraph long too.

1.What training would you suggest for an employee who has been assigned to the Middle East on a new project?

Gina DiCrescenza

The training that I would suggest for an employee who has been assigned to the Middle East on a new project would be to first become familiar and learn about the Middle Eastern culture and how they go about business each day and to take into account the influence of Islam because the business environment throughout the Middle East is very influenced by Islamic teachings and practices. Middle East major influences are family, Islam, family business and colonialism.

2.Share a current event article with the class that relates to the concepts covered in this week’s reading. Write a brief summary, and explain why you felt the article was relevant. copy and paste articale link.

Gina DiCrescenza

This particular article, I found to be good pertaining to our topic this week on “Developing Leadership in Global Oranizations. The article discusses how to be successful globally and how leaders need to lead and that it requires cognitive, behavioral and emotional development. The article then reviews that “global skills develop along a learning path that includes knowledge, skills and abilities, but the secret sauce is the all-important development of consciousness and the capabilities” in which they refer to as managing complexity.

This article also review five (5) recommendations in detail as to how to develop these important skills and how a leader can take in so many different competencies at once, starting with education, adopting a new global leadership model, building leadership simulations, adding global action learning projects and using globally specific executive coaching, which all were very interesting.…

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