Three page of writting about company that got caught in corruption scandals.

How do global organizations “play the game” – 3 examples of companies that got caught in corruption scandals and how the companies changed. Use the example I provide for you and find another two. This if for leading glonal organization, so focus on personal leading skill. Use less citetation if possible, make it properly.

The Volkswagen Emissions Scandal (When Volkswagen revealed in September that it had installed software on millions of cars in order to trick the Environmental Protection Agency’s emissions testers into thinking that the cars were more environmentally friendly than they were, investors understandably deserted the company.

Volkswagen lost roughly $20 billion in market capitalization, as investors worried about the cost of compensating customers for selling them cars that weren’t compliant with environmental regulations.

The company not only has to deal with compensating their customers, but it will also need to contend with potential fines from regulators as well as a reputational hit that could severely affect its market share.)

3-pages in length (not including the cover page). Must be word processed, with a 12pt font size, double-spaced, include page numbers and delivered as MS Word file. Written reports must be submitted with a cover sheet, Student Name, Course Name, Course ID Number, Assignment Name, and Date.

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