THTR2242 Massachusetts College H&M Retail Management Analysis Exam

at least 12 pages long when the questions are fully answered. I am looking for an analysis of quality, not just a specific quantity of pages. Opinions have to be backed up with facts and evidence, but do not let research overshadow your own analysis. I do not want papers of just quotes and analyses from an expert in the field and no analysis from you!

  • This does not have to be written as a term paper. You can write it as answering questions by listing the question followed by your answers. However, if you prefer to use a term paper format with headings/subheadings, etc., you are welcome to do so! You should use complete sentences and paragraphs, not sentence fragments or bullet points. You can use some tables/charts/graphs as needed but they should be used to supplement your paper, not substitute for writing.
  • Use a cover page that includes your name, the title of the assignment, and the course name with the semester listed.
  • Use one-inch margins, double-spacing, and number the pages. Use plain fonts (Times New Roman or Arial work best) with a font size of 12. Consider converting your paper to a PDF and uploading the PDF into TurnItIn rather than as a Word document, especially if you use a Mac. Papers written on Macs tend to have upload issues that create formatting errors in TurnItIn.
  • You must include proper in-text citations or footnotes if you use any external sources (even the textbook). in your paper! APA formatting is preferred. If you have never used APA before, here is a great resource:… _guide/general_format.html
  • You must include a separate bibliography page of all sources for information used. Again, APA is the preferred format.

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