To what extent does gender equality exist in the United Kingdom?

To what extent does gender equality exist in the United Kingdom?

Introduction (250 words approx)
1. Identify what is meant by gender equality and other related terminology such as female emancipation
2. Why is it so prevalent in mainstream media news and current affairs?
3.Relate this thesis statement (what the essay is going to be about)
and for the part 1 of the essay writer should include
The suffragettes movement in the early 20th century
2. The changing role of women during both world wars and through the rest of the twentieth century
3.The effect, if any of the invention of the contraceptive pill.
this should be from 500-750 words

For the part 2
What are the main issues that women face regarding the achievment of gender equality in the work place.
possible areas to include:
1. Equal pay between men and women
2. The role of women in politics , industry and business in the UK
3. Sexual harassment in the workplace
500-750 words

For the Part 3
Evaluate what institutions could do to ensure greater gender equality in the future in relation to the UK
Possible areas to include:
1. Education
2. The media
3. Commerce
500-750 words

for the conclusion
250 words approx
should include
key points and make recommendations for tackling this issue based on evidence presented in essay

Research websites for essay are:


For the part 1

for part 2,3 writer i sould communicate with writer if sources needed

Writer should use
Verdana as font

size 12 for body and 16 for titles and size 8 for page numbers and header identification details

2.54 cm for the left-hand margin and 2.54 cm for the right-hand side margin and the top and bottom

1.5 line spacing for the body text

leave a blank between paragraphs or indent the first word (not both)

All the text should be justified

Leave one space after comma and two spaces after a full stop

title page would be page 0

Number pages at bottom in the center on every page exept the title page

Title page should include Essay title , subject ,
teachers name , student name , word count
(title page should not count within the word limit)

The introduction , conclusion , each new section and the refrences should be on new page

There should be a contents page but this depends on the type of assignment

Should be in uk english

The Harvard Anglia refrencing system is to be used

Do not use borders or unnecessary images

The essay will be in turnitin website for palagiarism check

including 5 sources are obligatory

Sources of information must be acknowledged in the text and in the bibliography

Include word count on the title page.

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