Topic: Chapter 7 Case Study – Socialization

Should criminal justice managers be concerned with the personal aspects of employees’ lives?

Will this concern necessarily translate into effective leadership in that organization?

A very special note on discussion boards as there are five (5) of them for a total of 500 points to be earned or lost. First remember that the main thread of your posting must have at least 500 words and must contain at least two in-text cites from at least two different resources; the 2 reply threads to your classmates should contain at least 150 words and contain at least one in-text cite each from at least one resource each. Second, never post your discussion board merely as an attachment. Doing so causes problems for everyone in being able to post in response to your thread and not be able to read it in the dialogue box as they reply or expand on your thoughts. I will deduct points for this practice. So to ensure that your work posts and is not lost you can do it one of two ways: (1) Post directly on the board, but before you actually submit, right click and copy your post and paste to a Word document in your computer in order to save it just in case blackboard freezes up as can happen in any computer/web program; or (2) Write your post first on a Word document and then right click it and copy and then paste it onto the discussion board. Again either way that you do it, BE SURE that you save the intended entry on a Word document on your personal computer so that you can recover it and thus re-post should it be lost on the discussion board. Discussion boards are not restricted to third person writing only.

Stojkovic, S., Kalinich, D., & Klofas, J. (2012). Criminal justice organizations:

Administration and management. Florence, KY: Wadsworth Publishing.

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