Trade between UK and Pakistan and its importance for the economic growth of Pakistan Essay

This is for a business course but topic is related to economics more. It is the analysis section for the dissertation so critical analysis is the key to success. use up to date data. Use graphs and charts to answer. UK spellings.
As this is the analysis section make sure you answer the research question effectively.
Also link major points between UK and Pakistan which is comparing the facts and data.
Draw a little conclusion as what we understood at the end of each section (50-100 words)

Q 1: Evaluate the economics benefits from exporting and foreign investment (critical analysis is the key, use at least 2 graphs or charts to answer this question with explanation and also use recent data)

Q 2: Analyse the trade barriers between UK and Pakistan . how it could be managed or improved for the better (last 50-70 words) (use graphs and charts)

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