Trident BUS 205 Business Law 1-6 Discussions Module 1 Discussions Key Elements of a Binding Contract

Trident BUS 205 Business Law 1-6 Discussions
Module 1 Discussions
Key Elements of a Binding Contract
Identify the key elements of a binding contract. Choose two
of these elements, define each of the two elements that you have selected, and
then explain your understanding of why each of the two elements you have
selected are essential for a contract to be legally binding. Challenge yourself
to be clear and thorough in your answer.
Module 2 Discussions
Forms of Business
Give a definition for each following forms of business or
business entities:
1. A general
2. A limited
3. A LLC
4. A type-S
5. A type-C
Determine the best form of business or business entity for a
business having the following characteristics and explain why you chose that form
of business:
1.Small business,
2. Local in nature
3. Three owners: two contributed a different amount and the
third is contributing his or her services in lieu of capital, each of the
owners has a spouse and adult children.
Choose among: a general partnership, a limited partnership,
a LLC, a type S Corporation, and a type C corporation.
State your assumptions and defend your choice.

Module 3 Discussions
Aspects of Purchase
When I rent an
automobile, I usually am in an airport and anxious to “get on the
road.” And, since I usually sit pretty far back in the airplane on which I
arrive at that airport, I usually am not the first person in line when I
finally make it to the car rental station.
I want the process of getting a vehicle to be as quick and
as painless as possible.
I believe that showing my credit card and showing my
driver’s license should be enough.
Why do I have to put up with waiving this or waiving that?
Make a case in favor of why giving them my credit card and
driver’s license is enough credentialing for a valid contract.
Use citations from the background readings and/or your own
research to support your arguments.

Module 4 Discussions
Antitrust Issues
The antitrust laws draw a distinction between those kinds of
conduct that are per se violations and those that are subject to a rule of
“Price fixing” where competitors agree among
themselves as to the price to be charged to customers for goods is a per se
violation, while resale price maintenance or a practice where the seller
dictates the prices charged by the customer for resale of goods is subject to
the rule of reasonableness.
Discuss the reason behind this distinction and what factors
should be considered in determining whether a practice subject to the rule of
reasonableness is or is not a violation of the antitrust laws.
Give an example of another kind of conduct that would be
a per se violation and another kind of
conduct that would be subject to the rule of reasonableness.
Module 5 Discussions
Define debt financing
and equity financing. Explain the pros and cons of each form of financing. Take
the position that debt financing is better than equity financing – explain why.
Try to be persuasive.
Module 6 Discussions
Wrap-up and Overview
During this session, we have studied different aspects of
the administrative aspects of Business Law.
Reflect on what you have learned, and how it has influenced your goals
and aspirations with regard to your study of business.

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