Types of social support and ways to enhance social support on a consistent basis.  What could you do to show care and concern for each person?

Developing Group/Team Identity 

Title: Week Four Forum Developing Group/Team Identity
Week Four Forum- Developing Group/Team Identity 100 pts.

Due Date: End of Week 4

Forum 4:

After reading our Lesson in the Lesson section and reviewing the team building information in this weeks material, our forum this week centers on:

Developing Group Identity
Although team climate develops from how people perceive the interrelationships among the group members, a strong coach or leader can help influence the effective functioning of the group. Furthermore, research has shown that strong social support provided by a group has positive benefits, including aiding in physical and mental recovery. This exercise will allow you to think of some ways that you, as a group leader, can help a group establish a strong sense of group identity.
1. Imagine that you have just become 1) the coach of a basketball team or 2) that you are leading a group of clients in a cardiac rehabilitation program. You believe that things with the team or clients would go better if the group developed an identity.
2. In your initial post, describe specific ways you would help a group form a sense of group identity.
Developing Group Identity
a. Types of social support and ways to enhance social support on a consistent basis.  What could you do to show care and concern for each person?
b. Ways to increase proximity.  How would you plan a schedule of weekly events for an entire season or session?
c. Ways to increase group distinctiveness.  How would you inspire the team to see that they are a special group with a special purpose?
d. Ways to create a perception of fairness.  What do you say to appreciate each person as being special but also fostering a mentality that no one is better than anyone else?
e. Ways to increase similarity.  How do we build a sense of family?  What actions do you take?

Note: Take time before posting to read ALL of the instructions below. Doing so will help you avoid point loss.

For each forum, respond by Wednesday of this week. Then, by Sunday reply to a minimum of two classmates. Your first post (the one due by Wednesday) must be a minimum of 250 words and a minimum of two required replies must be 100 words each. Partial completion of discussion board work (first post without both replies, or one or two replies without the first post) or posts not at or above the length requirements, or any posts containing copied or quoted material may  earn zero points, no exceptions. Replies must show that you are respectfully responding to what the classmate said.

Forums are opportunities for you to reflect, analyze, and even challenge thought, but proper netiquette rules must be followed. Reiterating what other students have already said and/or directly quoting them won’t earn points. All published materials used MUST be paraphrased (restated in your own words) and source credited both in the body of and in a list at the end of each post where any content is based directly on or inspired by a published author’s writing.

Each week you must incorporate into and apply idea/concepts from the week’s assigned readings to your first post (the one due by Wednesday). This will be evidenced by clear identification of the ideas/concepts so the reader can easily locate them in your post an explanation of how they fit and their pages number locations in the course textbook.

Keep in mind as you write that “incorporating” doesn’t mean just tacking onto the end or randomly placing so you can say you did it. The ideas/concepts must be logically placed in the post in a way that fits with the flow of the rest of the writing.

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