war on poverty

This class is about latino’s in American society. Please write a 1-2 pages explaining why this topic interests you, you can say anything honestly. I will attach the guidelines below.

II. Assignment Guidelines

For this assignment, you are to write a 1-2 page proposal/outline detailing a research question(s) that fits with the course theme. Use the following guidelines:

Topic: What is the general topic you want to explore? The West High School Blowouts? The rise of the Crusade for Justice? The context that gave rise to the Chicano Movement?
Question: What is your question? The best questions begin with what, how, or why and are a single sentence. Avoid questions with connectors such as ?and? or ?or.?
Rationale: Why do you want to study this topic? Why is it interesting? Will it be interesting to others? Think in terms of the potential implications of the study. Who will benefit from the study? Will it be community members? Activists? Students? Another segment of the Latina/o community? In others words, what makes the study worth conducting?

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