Week 5: Draft review (optional – not graded)

Week 5: Draft review (optional – not graded)

DUE: Mar 11, 2018 11:55 PM

Assignment Details

Open Date Feb 5, 2018 12:05 AM
Graded? No
Resubmissions Allowed? Yes
Remaining Submissions 2
Attachments checked for originality? Yes

Assignment Instructions

Students can use this assignment space to submit a draft of the final research paper in order to get feedback.  The final research paper is a large percentage of the grade and high quality work is expected.  Please review the assignment directions before completing.  To submit a draft for the instructor to review and give feedback, please provide.

1. Disease topic

2. Either an outline or example paragraphs that you would like feedback on

3. Reference section in proper APA format – for the final paper 5 academic sources with 1 peer-reviewed source is required

Drafts must be submitted by the end of week 5 for feedback to be provided.  This is an ungraded assignment and is available to help students with their research and writing skill.  If you submit earlier than week 5, you may message the instructor to see if feedback can be provided earlier (this is subject to the instructor’s schedule).  Otherwise, all feedback will be provided during week 6.

Administrative Requirements

1.  The paper must be a minimum double spaced.   *Note: It is a rare instance that an extended quote is appropriate and most of the time they are considered non-academic.

2.  The format of the paper and references must follow the American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines for reference and bibliographic citation. If necessary, refer to Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ED). 2009 Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association. (must reference the movie)

3.  Use Times New Roman Font in a 12-point font.

4.  Use 1 inch for the top, bottom, left and right margins.

5. Use proper APA format as given to you in the attached example.

Submission: You must submit your completed paper through this assignment link as it will be subjected to TurnItIn. Save your file in the following format before you submit: Last Name, First draft.

*PLAGIARISM: Your paper will go through TurnItIn, a plagiarism software.  If you receive a high score in TurnItIn, it is likely that you have committed plagiarism whether intentional or not.   Review this website to insure you do not commit plagiarism: http://www.plagiarism.org/.  If you receive a TurnItIn score that is high, I suggest that you revise and resubmit before the due date.


Assignment Instructions:

Please review the Grading Rubric prior to submission.  Assignments are due in the Assignment portion of the classroom no later than Sunday of week 5 at 11:55 p.m. EST each week. Make sure you read and understand the directions and requirements for each Assignment. Assignment will be graded based on the following areas: Foundation of knowledge, application of knowledge, formatting, and overall impression.  Refer to Library Online Resource Center for any research assistance.  Refer to the Student Handbook for policies relevant to academic honesty and other procedures and policies related to this course. 

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