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Developing the Right Talent
posted by
Amber Free


One of the trends of training, Managing Talent Due to Changing Demographics discusses the development of the right talent. More specifically the text Effective Training Systems, Strategies, and Practices states, “Some have suggested that most companies, now or in the near future, will face a severe shortage of all types of labor. The worldwide economic recession that began in 2008 has certainly eliminated that concern, at least in the near term. Nonetheless, it is now and will continue to be important for most businesses to secure workers with the right skill sets” (Blanchard & Thacker, 2013, p. 10). As we move closer to future roles or enhancing current roles within the HR field this is specific to keep in mind. Retention can be a difficult task to maintain within organizations. Businesses must compete in order to keep appropriate talent. It is a balance to provide enough incentives to keep employees engaged while aligning the business needs.


Blanchard, P. N., & Thacker, J. W. (2013). Effective Training Systems, Strategies, and Practices (5th ed.). Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection database.

Importance of Employee Training
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Michelle Goudge

This video discusses some important aspects to employee training. Some aspects that are essential are designing and implementing training in digestible amounts of knowledge balanced with practical application of concepts, ideas, or processes learned, By understanding what training is going to be conducted, a prioritization and order can be assigned to the training and scheduled according to needs and logic, Training should take no less than one month with active training consuming no more than three hours per day with the remainder of the day sent on practice.

Another important idea to incorporate into a new hires training is corporate language, jargon or terms. For example if I said to most people that I know, I work for a CA providing PKI and digital certificates to conduct business conclusively, I would simply get blank stares. Now if I was explain to those friends, or a potential candidate, I would say that I work for a Certificate Authority company that researches, processes, approves, validates and maintains a infrastructure that allows businesses within our network to conclusively conduct B2B transactions with others in the network with utmost trust and security, they may understand or have a better idea of my message.

Training is important for onboarding, development, compliance and more. Training should always be viewed as an investment rather than a cost. Training is beneficial for recruiting strategies, onboarding, development and more. even though training budgets are often the first to receive decreases in budget.

Importance of Employee Training


This video brought out some valid points about training. I think it is important to break up the training in different sections so the employee will not overwhelm by the information. The trainer sometimes want to make sure they are the information so they can start their position right away. You can set up an employee to fail because they were given so much information that they are unable to perform their job. Even if training needs to be spread over a couple a weeks, I think that is more important than trying to cram a lot of information in one day.

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