Week 1 assignment

BEFORE YOU POST IN THIS DISCUSSION: Read this entire set of information and read all material to include the active link material BEFORE you post.

  • Your topic must be related to your degree. Health services administration. 
  • Your topic must be argumentative.
  • Your thesis statement should include the argument and three supporting elements that you will use to defend your position.
  • Review the example below to see how to format the main discussion post.
  • Please note that only ONE student can write on each topic. Post the TOPIC NAME as the SUBJECT of your response post to secure the topic of your choice. If another student has already taken that topic, you will be asked to choose another.  
  • For the main post, post your response in the format indicated in the example below. It is highly suggested that you post by Wednesday. However, your main post should be entered no later than Friday.
  • For the two peer responses, due before Sunday but posted on different days from the main post and each other, explore your peers’ work and help them think about their topics further. Are their topics related to their degree? Does the thesis statement include an actual argument and THREE supporting elements? Is the material grammatically and mechanically correct? Does the proposed research make sense in general?


TOPIC: Suicide rates in the state of Wyoming

Purpose: I intend to argue that weather events are most responsible for the high number of suicides in Wyoming.

Audience: My audience will consist of my peers and my professor. 

Working Thesis Statement: The high winds, lengthy cold weather, and furious snowstorms contribute greatly to the suicide rates in the state of Wyoming.

[Note that this thesis statement is only ONE sentence long. Yours should be, too. It should include the specific argument plus three supporting elements as illustrated here.]

Objections: Many people do not believe that suicides occur in such a calm state, or they may not understand how weather can cause challenges for the citizens’ state of mind. Limitations: Published reports may not be current, thus the research provided will not be up-to-date. Medical publications may be too dense with information to adequately cull information for this report. The topic may be too new to locate adequate support.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Before posting in the discussions, it would be helpful for you to review the associated rubric.


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