TEXTBOOK: The Adventures of an IT Leader


Chapter 9, “IT and the Board of Directors”


Chapter 10, “Crisis”


These chapters from the assigned textbook show examples of crisis management. Despite risk mitigation and contingency planning, crises will occur in any organization. Leadership makes a huge impact on recovery, risk mitigation, and continuity of operations.

Austin, R. D., Nolan, R. L., & O’Donnell, S. (2016).


Review the Learning Materials above. Perform additional research as necessary to complete the Assignment.

Select TWO of the following questions from the list below 





  • As the CEO, Carl Williams, how would you assess Barton’s leadership so far?
  • What advice do you have for Jim Barton going forward?
  • Would you recommend that IVK form a board level IT committee? What would be the advantages? What should such a group do in their meetings?
  • Why does Williams think Carrero “needs managing”? How should Barton handle this? Create an action plan.


  • As Jim Barton, what would be your impressions and experiences in the first few minutes after reviewing the first call from Ruben?
  • What is your assessment of how IVK handled this crisis during the event itself? Did they do a good job of crisis management?
  • What principles or recommendations might we follow during a crisis like this one to avoid some of the problems inherent in such situations?
  • How would you recommend that Barton handle the analyst meeting? If you were on the team coming up with the strategy for the meeting, what guidelines would you suggest to Barton?
  • What should Jim Barton’s and IVK Corporation’s priorities be at this stage?


Submit a fully developed, 600 word solution for each of the questions (1,200 words total) selected before the deadline. 

Support your work with citations from the assigned readings or research from current trade or scholarly literature.


Submit by 11/27/19 11:59 p.m. E.T.

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