week 1 proposal


In preparation for the Research Paper that is due by Wednesday of Week Four, you will need to submit a proposal of your intended research project. Please provide the following information and review the example in this week’s lecture material before submitting.

(1) Your specific topic.(2) A brief abstract (about 100-125 words). Explain what you specifically will argue. State this in third person only. You should have an easily identifiable thesis and three support elements in the abstract.(3) A thesis and three possible support elements to the problem that can be explored through research.(4) Location and Types of resources(5) Challenges to the research (50-75 words).

Please do not submit anything more than what the example indicates or in any other format. You will submit your references next week as an assignment.

This assignment is due by Sunday at 11:59 PM.


In order to submit this assignment, click on Week One Proposal below, upload your document, and be sure to click SUBMIT.

In case you missed the Proposal Example in the Lecture Folder, here it is again: PROPOSAL.pdf


Week One Proposal

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