Week 11 Public Service Announcement


This activity is due in Week 11 Discussion: Well Child Public Service Announcement Discussion. Visit the discussion for additional details.

  1. First, read Promoting Lifelong Health for Families and Communities (PDF).
  2. Visit Week 11: Well Child Public Service Announcement Discussion Topic Choice to select a topic for your public service announcement. Each choice may only be chosen once. The topics available are:
    1. Adolescent Alcohol and Substance Use and Abuse (PDF) (page 1/55)
    2. Cervical Dysplasia (PDF) (page 11/55)
    3. Developmental and Behavioral Considerations (PDF) (page 15/55)
    4. Hearing (PDF) (page 27/55)
    5. Immunizations, Newborn Screening, and Capillary Blood Tests (PDF) (page 27/55)
    6. Sexually Transmitted Infections (PDF) (page 45/55)
    7. Vision (PDF) (page 53/55)
    8. Bicycle Helmets (PDF) (page 3/32)
    9. Children, Adolescents, and Media (PDF) (page 5/32)
    10. Cardiometabolic Risk of Obesity (PDF) (page 9/32)
    11. Tobacco Smoke Exposure and Tobacco Use Cessation (PDF) (page 21/32)
    12. Weight Maintenance and Weight Loss (PDF) (page 27/32)
    13. Assessing Growth and Nutrition (PDF) (page 3/53)
    14. Blood Pressure (PDF) (page 9/53)
    15. Early Childhood Caries (PDF) (page 17/53)
    16. Fluoride Varnish Application Tips (PDF) (page 23/53)
    17. Intoeing and Outtoeing (PDF) (page 27/53)
    18. Sexual Maturity Stages (PDF) (page 31/53)
    19. Spine, Hip, and Knee (PDF) (page 39/53)
    20. Sports Participation (PDF) (page 45/53)
  3. Create a public service announcement. This does not have to include a voice over. This can be done in many formats which include Microsoft PowerPoint, Screen-o-Matic, Zoom, Weebly, etc. You do need to be sure to meet the following requirements:
    1. It should be visually engaging.
    2. State what the topic is, what population it impacts, and why it is a concern (use citations).
    3. Include how to address the problem. This about what your outcome of your PSA is. Then come up with a catch phrase that people can quickly remember but also provide details about how to address the problem. Think about PSAs you have seen. For example, a PSA campaign focused on parents talking to their kids about drugs to decrease drug use. The phrase “Need help? Get help?” was consistent, with a general theme of talking to kids about drugs. Here is an example:
      • There’s No Wrong Way To Talk To Your Kids About Drugs Ads / PSA Video (YouTube)
    4. Be catchy, be concise. Remember this is not a scholarly paper. It is meant for the general public. You want to grab their attention and drive the message home.
    5. The PSA should last about 15-30 seconds, but this may vary depending upon the subject matter.
    6. View this student example PSA for Bicycle Helmets (PPT).
  4. In Week 11 Discussion: Well Child Public Service Announcement Discussion, upload your PSA and a 1-2 paragraph explanation of your assigned pediatric public service announcement. Be sure to include any preventative guidelines related to this topic and be sure to use Bright Future resources and cite within your work.

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