What are some adaptations that the organisms in your specific location have adapted with?

4. What are some adaptations that the organisms in your specific location have adapted with? (Ch 16.1)

5. What about the nutrient cycle (refer to the water, oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon cycles) (Ch 16.6). How does this ecosystem impact humans (Ch 16.7, Ch 17.6, 17.7)? What are the ecosystem services your specific location provide? 

6. Is the environment prone to drought, fires, earthquakes, or any other natural events (density-independent factors) (Ch 18.1, 18.2, 18.3, 18.5)? What are some threatening issues if any in this environment (i.e. deforestation, pollution, urbanization, over hunting/fishing, exotic organisms)? 

7. Any endangered or threatened organisms in your specific location? What about federal protection or conservation organizations at your specific location (Ch 16.5, 17.8, 17.10)?

· Step 3 – References and Formatting

• Your paper must be a minimum of 3 typed pages.

 • College level grammar and sentence structure is expected. 

• Use standard MLA writing styles for your paper and for your references. 

• You should have a minimum of 3 references, one of which needs to be from a non-internet source.

• You may post photos and other supporting materials at the end of your paper, however, photos and extra materials do not count as part of your three page minimum. 

Citation Example:

When quoting someone’s work directly or their ideas, you must give them credit (Doe and Smith, 2004).

Reference Example:

Doe, J.L., and Smith, R. T.  2004. How to write a reference and in-paragraph citations.  Journal of Grammar  v. 3 pgs 543-556

Note: Please make sure all your internet references are from valid scientific websites, I do check your references when grading. Good websites-National Geographic, NOVA.pbs, .edu websites, .gov websites are some acceptable examples. You should avoid blogs, weebly, prezi, product/merchandising websites, political and religious websites as these are often biased and unscientific opinion sites. If you would like me to verify a source, just please send me an email ahead of your submission.

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