What happens in the plot that makes this work worth remembering? Avoid merely retelling the story, here!

~650-750 words/ MLA/ Work Cited

*Use at least 1 source

Introduction: Your audience is future students of Composition II, and your purpose is to prepare them for the work ahead of them. Share which works (drama, fiction, and/or poetry) stood out to you. Now that you’ve come to the end of the class, you are in a position to advise and encourage others, based on your own experience.  **It’s OK for you to use 1st person point-of-view.

Paragraphs 2 – 3: Consider the works we have read, and their lasting value. Discuss one aspect of one work[“Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin http://www.sjsu.edu/faculty/wooda/2B-HUM/Readings/Baldwin-Sonnys-Blues.pdf ] – a character, a setting, a mind-blowing passage – and why it resonates with you. What are some of the lines or moments that you find especially insightful or astute? How does it reflect the concerns in our world?

~You may wish to consider the following areas as you organize paragraphs 2-3 for your essay:

  • Plot Summary – What happens in the plot that makes this work worth remembering? Avoid merely retelling the story, here!
  • Conflicts – What conflicts does the work include?
  • Character – How does the writer reveal character? With which character(s) do you sympathize? Are the characters plausible? What do minor characters contribute to the work?
  • Setting – What does setting (time and place of the action) contribute to the work?
  • Symbolism – Do certain characters, settings or actions seem to you to stand for something in addition to themselves? In other words, are they symbolic?

Connection – How or why did this particular selection come to mind?

Paragraph 4: Share your strengths and areas of improvement. What advice would you give to a new ENC 1102 student? What have you noticed about your growth as a learner? How has the literature/works changed the way that you think? What lessons were learned (do not procrastinate? plan ahead?, etc.) This paragraph is really about your experiences about writing, literature, and learning. Feel free to share …

Paragraph 5: Conclusion — Wrap up.

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