What I’m intewrested in

This chapter explores the goals and functions of financial management and explains why the field of finance integrates concepts from economics, accounting, and a number of other areas. Many students approaching the field of finance for the first time might wonder what career opportunities exist. There are a wide array of professions available within finance including, but certainly not limited to: corporate financial officer – CFO (for a public or private corporation), mergers & acquisitions, sell side or buy side investment banking, equity analyst, portfolio manager, operations management, risk management, bond trading, international finance, currency trading, stock broker, financial manager, banker, consultant, crisis manager/turnaround consultant, and a whole host of other options that aren’t mentioned here. What field of financial management would appeal to you the most and why? Don’t limit your exploration to your geography, educational background, or family situation. Think big; dream big. Be specific. Why is that line of work intriguing to you? 

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