What is percent? Write the formula for percent increase.


What is percent? Write the formula for percent increase. Write your height in inches. Suppose it increases by 15%, what would your new height be?


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Choose two of the following statements and determine whether each makes sense. Support your reasoning with calculations.

  1. 1. I have $100 and my restaurant bill comes to $81, which is not enough to leave a 20% tip.
  2. 2. I found the percent decrease in a jacket’s price to be 120%.
  3. 3. My weight increased by 2% in January. My new weight decreased by 2% in February, so I am back at my original weight.
  4. 4. My rent increased from 20% to 30% of my monthly income, so the percent increase in my monthly rent check is 10%.
  5. 5. At a clearance sale, the price of a pair of boots is half off the original price. I also have a coupon for half off the clearance price. If I use this coupon, I can get the pair of boots free.
  6. 6. The final price after tax of a stereo is $110.00. The tax rate was 10%. $110-$110*.10 = $99, so the price before tax was $99.
  7. 7. I bought a jacket that was first marked down by 20% and then was reduced another 30%. Therefore, I saved 50% on the jacket!
  8. 8. A population of mites increased fourfold in four days. This means the population doubled in two days.


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