What is social stratification?

Have you ever considered which social class you belong to? In an ideal world, which social class would you like to belong to? Have you ever wanted to move up the social ladder? Social classes are groups of people who share certain aspects of their lives. These often include wealth, resources, occupations, and income. As we move from social groups to social classes, you will consider the role social classes play in a practical society versus an ideal one. Throughout this essay consider the function of social classes and how they apply within an ideal society.

What Makes an Ideal Society?


  1. You are going to expand your ideas for an ideal society to include social classes. Your paper will cover three sections: key components, theory, and the people.Project Sections (Be sure to address the following questions in each section.)
    Key Components:

    • What is social stratification?
    • What is social mobility?
    • Are there social classes? How are these categorized? How are they defined?
    • How are stratification systems maintained in this society?
    • What are the two ways in which poverty is defined?
    • Theory:
    • How do Wright’s model of social class and Gilbert and Kahl’s model of social class fit within this ideal society? Does the society require different social classes? Why or why not?
    • People:
    • Are people able to advance their social class within this society?
    • How can people advance their social class within this society?
    • Do prejudice and discrimination fit within this society?
    • How can people from one social class connect with people in a different social class?
    • How do people within a minority relate with others?
    • How does poverty play a role in society?
    • Does poverty impact behaviors and interactions of those within the community?
  2. The paper should be at least 3 pages (the title page and reference page do not count as part of the page requirement). The content should include information addressing the main questions, and a well-argued introduction and conclusion.
  3. Please include proper formatting throughout the paper. Use APA Style to format the title page, reference page, and citations. Use third-person language, double-spacing, a 12-point font, and one-inch margins. See the Writing Guide for writing help.

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