What is the Truth?

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The discussion in this module will be focused on the idea of truth. Determining the truth is paramount to determining the soundness of an argument. To falsify a premise is to disprove an entire argument but as a class, a thinking community, we have to agree on how we verify or falsify a truth. We will extract our criteria for determining truth in part from this discussion. To begin with we might consider how to evaluate:
1) Sources
2) Observations
3) Quantitative data (percentages, statistics, graphs, surveys, etc)
4) Other types of information

First, for context and some ideas, read this article in Lifehacker on finding the truth (Links to an external site.). Keep in mind this is not an authoritative text on determining the truth to stimulate your thinking and you should not feel obliged to agree with any of it.
Instructions: You will a submit a minimum of 3 posts to this discussion:
1) The first will be your opinion as to how we should determine the truth for at least items 1,2 & 3 above and you can add anything you think is missing. It should be very clear from your post how we will determine truth and you should have a sound justification for your position, in fact you should phrase your suggestions like an argument with premises and conclusions. This must be done by the first due date and the last 2 must be complete before the discussion closes.
2) Comment of 2 of your peers posts offering some improvement or support for their arguments. Simply stating that you agree or disagree is not enough to count as a comment.
3) After surveying the discussion write a summary of what you think are the best ideas presented.

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