what is their personal history?

African and Black people have always used the oral tradition to pass information down from generation to generation. although African history across the Diaspora has also been written, this oral tradition can still b found today in Black studies through the use of ethnography( interviews and observation). thus, for this paper you will interview someone who you believe has an interesting story and an interesting history and write a paper based on their experience. this person can be of African descent, or can be of a different cultural background as long as you relate their experiences back to Black history.

Question to keep in mind when you are interviewing: what is their personal history? how have they contributed to African American History, how has African American History affected their lives?if they are not of African descent: what can you learn even more about African American history through their personal experiences? how is the oral tradition important when recording personal histories of individuals who might otherwise be neglected from the history books?

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