What Will the World of Work Look Like in 2050

I would like your submission to address the following questions:
? What will the workforce in 2050 look like? What will be the demographics (age, gender, race, disability, religion and the unending list of others) as related to those who will be doing the work?
? Where will the work be conducted?
? What will the modern office environment look like?
? What will work schedules look like (when will work be done)?
? What will be the status of the United States in terms of its status as the “world’s economic superpower”? Where will the US rank?
? How will employees and organizations deal with the never-ending pursuit of balance (work versus non-work)?
? Compare 2018 and 2050. How will work and life be the same? Different?
At the end, I want you to talk about where you think you will be in the year 2050 based on what you have reported above. What will work and non-work be like for you? I expect this to be about one-page (minimally).
? It is expected that this paper will be a minimum of 8 to 10 pages in length (which includes the one-page “where I will be” section at the end. This only counts the content. If you have a cover page, that does not count. The Reference Section does not count either.
? Given that this is a research paper, and much of what you come up with will rely on external sources, it is expected that you will have at least 10 legitimate references noted both in your paper and in the Reference Section. I would strongly advocate for more than 10 given the expansiveness of what has been asked. So what do I mean by “legitimate sources”?
? Peer-reviewed journal articles
? Newspaper articles (factual, not opinion) from established publications (NY Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal etc.)
? Magazine articles from established business and news publications (Business Week, Harvard Business Review, Forbes etc.)
? Government research agencies (OHSA, Office of Personnel Management etc.)
? Reports from professional associations (American Psychological Association, Academy of Management etc.)
? Data-driven reports from established research agencies (Pew Research, Gallup etc.)
? Reference your sources accordingly and properly in both text and Reference Section. It is better to over cite your submission that under cite. Under citing is step one to a claim of plagiarism. Be careful.
? Use whatever referencing format you have been taught/are familiar. However, you need to use it consistently throughout. I use APA for my research, but that’s just what my job requires in most cases. A guide for APA formatting is: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/
? One-inch margins.
? 1.5-line spacing (all other assignments are single space).
? 12-point, Times Roman Font.
? Use headings.
? Don’t plagiarize, cheat, buy this off-line etc.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have absolutely no patience for this.

Please use 1.5 spacing

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