When did the government first get involved in it?

There was one point in time that most medical research was funded by non-federal sources. Drug companies looking to make a profit undertook the research. Private foundations footed the bill. However, at some point, government officials realized this something that the government might do well to invest it.

Answer the questions below extensively
1. First provide a brief history of medical research. 2. When did the government first get involved in it? 3. What led to this involvement? 4.What were some of the positive effects of this involvement? 5. What were some of the negative effects? 6. How did the government see their involvement helping the public and the providers of health services/products? 7. Discuss 2 major research initiatives (can be from the 60, 70, 80s, or today) that the government has been instrumental in. 8. Who will benefit the most (consumers or industry)? 9. Lastly, do you feel the government should stay out of funding for medical research and go back to private citizens/foundations?

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