Wk 4 P&P response

Now, respond to one of your classmates’ postings. Do you agree with their perspective? (Why or why not)? What did you find interesting about their posting?Half page response each.******** I think that the “blue ocean strategy†is a unique concept that should be used by more companies. I think that it is a cool way to look at business strategy and attempt to separate one’s company from the competition and avoid the “red oceanâ€. I enjoyed the use of this terminology since it simplified the ideals that this concept is trying to follow. By comparing the “uncharted territory†as the blue ocean and the competitive market as the red ocean, where everyone is in it for themselves and trying to compete with already really successful companies.Although some aspects of the blue ocean strategy can be considered a new concept, I think that this is just a name for a business trying to separate itself from the competition and offer something that others didn’t. This has been happening forever which several major companies, such as Apple who created their own market of unique computers that found its “blue oceanâ€. And even further back when the 1939 Packard became the first car to offer air conditioning, an unheard of competitor’s statistic. However, I do think that the blue ocean strategy takes this concept and makes it into something that a company can use to get started and change the way they display their product to the world, like how it mentioned the “yellow tail†wine brand in the video.Most organizations can find their success in their “blue oceanâ€, but not all because I don’t think there are that many market corners and niches for companies to find that haven’t already been taken. There will always be competition no matter what, that will not change ever, but whether or not there is less competition there than before or not. Also, this is hard because an idea can easily be adapted by other companies really quickly, so that “blue ocean†doesn’t seem like it will stay “blue†for very long.One company that I see applying this concept to their company is called Paradise Carwash. Now, this may be more of a local company, but they have found their own little niche in the carwash market by utilizing a different aspect of washing. This is a full-service carwash that you get out of your car, go into the shop, and watch your car go through the wash while enjoying popcorn and a real parrot (no joke, there’s really a parrot there, his name is Rainbow, and he talks.) They then bring your car out, hand dry it, vacuum, tire shine, and use air pressure to get rid of excess water from the car doors, etc. I have never seen another car wash do service like they do. They also offer paint detailing, fixes scratches/dents, and window replacement. In the area, there were not carwashes like it, and now it has become super popular in our area because they have found how to also make “customer service†a big part of a carwash experience rather than just going through the carwash normally. Now they may not be the only full-service car wash out there now, but they definitely started a trend.****** The organization that I have chosen to go in-depth about their business-level strategy is Subway. I chose this company after recently going to one of their stores and noticing that all of their paper products and advertising material have changed substantially. I was pretty surprised that they now offer you to have a basket if you are going to stay in the store and such.But in regards to their business strategy, I would say they focus mostly on a Broad Cost Leadership strategy. This is because they are beginning to have a lot more competition with sandwich shops, such as Jimmy Johns and Erbert and Gerbert’s. Since Subway was been a major “fast food†sandwich shop over many years, it seems reasonable that they would change the way their store looks in order to attract more customers in the broad rang they cover. They also tend to be the cheapest option when compared to other sandwich shops. This is what keeps them as popular as they are.Also, they tend to try to keep up with the competition, but not necessarily at a “hybrid†strategy level. Yes, when Quizno’s was becoming all the rage with toasted sandwiches, Subway decided to start toasting their sandwiches in order to keep up with the competition. Basically, they wanted to provide the same type of sandwich as their competitor, but for a smaller price. This is why they are mainly focused on the broad cost leadership strategy.I think that, for Subway, this is the best business-level strategy for them. Since they still rank as the sandwich shop with the lowest price, they focus their efforts on creating the same experience as others, but at half the cost. I also find this to be the best strategy for them because, for example, Jimmy Johns tries to focus on gourmet sandwiches for more money which Subway focuses on cost effectiveness, therefore, they can still compete with the other sandwich shops. Therefore, the broad cost leadership strategy for Subway is the best option for their competitive edge in the sandwich market.

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