Work Measurement and efficiency

This writing assignment analyzes a problem and contains a needs assessment along with a potential solution to either mitigate or overcome the problem. 


Company:  Home Depot


Complete this assignment utilizing some of the concepts covered in the lesson reading assignments along with other academic sources. 

This paper will focus on factors such as training, development, knowledge management, and technology—and how the factors relate to leadership, management, and the workforce.


The paper must include a section summarizing details of the needs assessment and a solution to the problem you identified. 

Your paper must also describe how the solution will create a learning environment, and knowledge transfer; to include how you will implement and monitor training and/or development outcomes.

Your paper will include: introduction, problem, needs assessment, solution, transfer of learning/training, and conclusion paragraphs with a references page.

  You will use a minimum of five resources for your paper. 


DO NOT use pictures, diagrams, charts, or sketches within the body of the paper. 


You will use Times New Roman, 12-font, and double-spaced.  Your thesis statement must be the last one or two sentence(s) of your introduction paragraph and restated in your conclusion.

  Do not try to cover everything. 

Focus on the factors you consider most important in analyzing your organization.


You must write your paper using the third-person narrative mode (Do not use the first-person or second-person narrative modes for this paper.).

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