write 3 pages

read the article attached

make sure to contain the following:

– what the article say

– what do you think about it

– why it is relevant to the class ( leading people organization ) >>> Chapter 1: Organizational Theory

A. Organizations in Action

1. Current challenges

a. Globalization

b. Competition

c. Social Responsibility

d. Pace of Change

e. Digital Operations

f. Diversity

2. Organization defined

a. Social Entities

b. Goal Directed

c. Structured Activity System

d. Linked to External Environment

3. Importance of Organizations

B. Dimensions of Organizational Design

1. Structural

a. Formalization

b. Specialization

c. Hierarchy of Authority

d. Centralization

e. Complexity

2. Contextual

a. Size

b. Organizational Technology

c. Environment

d. Goals & Strategy

e. Culture

C. Measuring Performance

1. Efficiency

2. Effectiveness

3. Stakeholder Approach

a. Customers

b. Creditors

c. Management

d. Government

e. Unions

f. Community

g. Suppliers

h. Owners/Stockholders

i. Employees

D. Historical Approaches

1. Scientific Management

2. Administrative Perspective

3. Organizational Behavior

4. Bureaucratic Theories


Contingency Theory “it all depends”

E. Learning Organization:

1. Mechanistic to Organic

2. Vertical to Horizontal

3. Routine Tasks to Empowerment

4. Formal Control to Shared Information

5. Competitive to Collaborative Strategy

6. Rigid to Adaptive Culture

Chapter 2

Strategy Design Effectiveness

A. Organizational Goals & Purpose

1. Strategic Intent/ Competitive Advantage/Core Competence

2. Operating Goals/Goal Conflict

3. Importance of Goals

use the APA Formatting and Style Guide for all written work.

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