write 6 reflections based on lecture slides

Please include all reflections – one each from weeks 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, &13 – in one document (Word or PDF) and upload to the Dropbox here on Avenue. Each week’s reflection should be approximately 150-250 words and should highlight ONE* concept from that week (anything is fair game – something from lecture, text, TED talk, etc. – do NOT try to cover the whole week’s content – just one interesting concept or theory that you learned), apply it to your past work or personal life, and include your thoughts on how this might change your behaviour (the essence of learning 😉 in the future. I bolded that last part of the sentence, because this is the place where the majority of marks were lost on Journal #1 – do try to think about the possible impacts of these concepts in your life/behavior going forward. (And here’s hoping that the changes will be positive!).

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