Writing project.

This is the complete project. I just need help this week for the number 1 question. Attached are the form need it to complete the task and the additional information at the end of the page.

You are working for a local accountant during tax season and the accountant has asked you to prepare the appropriate tax form for Ace Company. Ace Company is a newly formed handyman business owned by Mr. and Mrs. Becker. Mrs. Becker just enrolled in her first bookkeeping class and created the spreadsheet you were given (attached file located above).As you can see Mrs. Becker left you a note about not paying any taxes this year.



This project is split into four (4) parts with one (1) part due each week of the course. Based on your readings, use of technology, literature, and other sources do the following:

  1. Update Mrs. Becker’s spreadsheet for any adjustments you feel are needed and create a spreadsheet template for her to use next year. Be sure to use proper formulas and formatting to give the documents a professional look.
  2. Fill out the appropriate tax form for Ace Company. Mr. Becker is the sole proprietor of Ace Company. Tax forms can be obtained from the IRS website. **Be sure you save the form to your computer BEFORE you fill in any information or your data will be lost when you save the file with the data entered. Once saved, access the saved form from your computer, not the web browser.**
  3. Write a short letter to Mr. and Mrs. Becker explaining any changes you made to Mrs. Becker’s classification of income and/or expenses and if any additional information is needed from them to complete the tax form.
    1. If any adjustments are made to the spreadsheet be sure to reference the reason in your letter so the Becker’s understand.
    2. If you have any additional questions for the Becker’s please list them clearly in the letter.
    3. Include a discussion surrounding the major tax reform that recently passed – the TCJA (Tax Cuts and Jobs Act) and its potential effect on the client’s tax return for next year. (i.e. consider the items covered in the handout above)
  4. Present your findings as if you were presenting them to the clients.

Additional Information:

  • The business is located at : 123 First Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. 33221
  • All materials they purchased initially have been used on the jobs, no material remains.
  • To start the company the Becker’s purchased the following:
    • A small amount of material such as nails, tape, wood, etc. to use on various jobs for $1,300.
    • A computer and printer for $1,800, a desk and chair for $1,000, business cards, paper, pens, and other small items for the office for $200.
    • Groceries for their personal use from the company checking account since they did not have their personal checkbook with them at the time.

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