You are assigned to a team that is responsible for updating PCC’s Web site.

Purpose: Technical writers routinely collaborate using tools such as Google Docs as well as traditional group meetings.  This assignment will encourage you to think creatively about how you can work effectively with others to create a document that combines everyone’s ideas, but reads as a single, coherent document (a memo, in this case).  This assignment will draw on your knowledge of design principles (introduced next week).  Your group will apply these design principles, critiquing (and suggesting improvements for) one of PCC’s Web pages.

Writing Assignment:You are assigned to a team that is responsible for updating PCC’s Web site. Each team will choose one page to evaluate.  For instance, you might evaluate the schedule of classes page, the home page, or the Sylvania bookstore page. Each group will turn in one memo that identifies at least 3 problems with the design, content, or usability of the web page and offers suggestions for correcting these problems.


1) Your team will meet to choose a team leader, break the project into smaller tasks, create a schedule and exchange contact information.

2) Next, your team will describeand evaluatethe web site for:

•  Accuracy

•  Comprehensiveness

•  Clarity

•  Ease of Use

• Navigation

• Headers/Footers

• Extra features

• Site map

• Use of links

• Design for readers with visual/hearing/mobility impairments

• Design for multi-cultural audience

3) What kind of information should be added to the site to make it more effective?

• Compare PCC’s site with the sites of other colleges and universities.

• What graphics could you include?  Where are they available?

• What other sites could you link to?

4) 1-2 page memo (written to your instructor) that presents your suggestions for improving the site.

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