Zeitoun, the main characters Abdulraman and Kathy Zeitoun

answers the question: what do the characters that we have met in class want, really? how are these goals or aims or motivations related, or not? you should consider any character that we have read about in class or watched in a film.
book: 1) Zeitoun, the main characters Abdulraman and Kathy Zeitoun.
2) All american poem by Matthew Dickman.
3)The hero with a thousand face by Joseph Campbell.
4) this is our youth.
5)short movie: kids and money.
the last part is what Elizabeth Gilbert was talking about in her speech-that a gift, from some terribly unknowwable source, might come to you.
What you think about the matter, to find what you do noy yet know that you know.
discuss as many as necessary to offer a persuasive, cogent answer.

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