understanding the managers’ job and work environment

understanding the managers’ job and work environment


This instruction describes how to write the project paper and PowerPoint presentation required in this course. The paper and presentation will be described in terms of its technical specifications as well as their organization and structure. The purpose of the written paper and PowerPoint presentation is to simulate what a manager will have to do on the job prepare a paper and presentation in a specified format within a specified time frame.


You may choose to work with other students as a team, with the approval of the instructor. If you take this option, you will be graded as a team, and be expected to perform as a team. All team members will have input into each others grade, so those not contributing or causing problems for the team can get a lower grade than the rest of the team. These team projects must flow as one, so you must coordinate the project.

The team is responsible for any academic infractions, such as plagiarizing. So check each other work for quality.

The Topic

The topic will be selected by the student, but must be directly related to one or more of the course competencies from the syllabus. If you are not sure of your topic, feel free to ask you instructor if the topic you have chosen is appropriate. Projects can not be recycled from other courses.

You will be asked to submit your topic via the Weekly Assignment on the second week of the quarter. You will submit an outline of you planned project on the third week via Weekly Assignments.

Title page

The Title Page is required in the format on the front of this appendix.


The minimum length is 3 FULL text pages, single-spaced, and typed per team member. Charts, diagrams, table of contents, indexes, end notes, etc. do not count as text.


One-inch margins are required on all four sides of the paper. Only put the title of your paper on the title page. Do not put it on page one.

Font Size

The size of the letters (font) is required to be standard size equivalent to 10-12 point. Authorized font type is Times New Roman.

Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation

The paper is required to have correct spelling, proper grammar and punctuation. There can be no strike-through, white-outs, or handwriting.

Quoting Sources

Unless directed otherwise by the instructor, you may only include a total of three lines of quotes for your whole project. All other use of other writer’s work must be paraphrased into your own words.


The paper must be bound in a presentable, clean presentation folder with prongs or other appropriate permanent mounting. No plastic spine slides. Commercial binding is encouraged.

Electronic Submission

The finished project will be submitted both by hard-copy submission to my office, and electronically, through the Weekly Assignments.

Bibliography Page

A bibliography page is required at the end of this paper. It must contain at least 2 sources per team member. The textbook, workbook, or lecture notes for this course are not authorized for this paper. Interviews can not be one of the first two references. A copy of these resources must be provided to the instructor in the folder with the hard copy.

Bibliography citations must be in the following format:

For a book:
Author, Title, Edition, (Publisher: Year)

For a magazine or newspaper:
Author, “Article Title”, Magazine Name, (Date), Page numbers

For an interview:
Subject Interviewed, Rank/Title/Position/Expertise/etc. of Person Interviewed, Topic Interviewed On, Date

For an Internet Article:
Web address, Author, “Article Title”, Source/Company/Publisher, Date (some of these may be missing

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